Canada Jobs-2023
Canada Jobs

Canada 500 New Jobs-2023

Canada 500 New Jobs-2023


Canada 500 new jobs advertise by private company in different province of Canada. most of them are in Canadian tourist spot ONTARIO. where plenty of labor jobs . but are short labor resource. The authority has announced to take labor from across the Asian

Canada Jobs-2023

Number of Posts                                       500

Experience                                                01 Year

IELTS                                                        No IELTS

Jobs Category                                          Different Fields

Job Type                                                   Full Time

Job Location                                             Canada

Job Time Duration                                    Shifts

Rate per Hour                                           $ 62

Salary                                                        Minimum $ 3,000

Free Visa                                                   By Company

Immigration                                              On Company Employee Criteria

Job Positions

Canada new job positions are the following.

  1. Labor
  2. Welder
  3. Painter
  4. Construction Worker
  5. Steel Worker
  6. Wood Renovation (Carpenter)
  7. Store keeper
  8. Security Incharge

Jobs Description 

Job descriptions are the following.

  • Labor jobs is to make and enable or repair works at homes, businesses area, office , sites and other places.
  • Labor are mainly deals with work by hands and get amount as peer hours.
  • Welder job is to renovate, repair metal steel for different purposes.
  • Welder main aim is to heat up the metal at extent which they can make item which is required.
  • Painter is there to facilitate the construction area more decorated.
  • Painter responsibility is to make designs in such a way that can influence people amazed.
  • Carpenter has the ability to renovate the wooden work .
  • His role is to make wooden work as per his senior instructed.
  • Store keeper is responsible to make things in order in store.
  • Store Keeper is to take store items at one corner and distribute it to another corner.
  • Store manager is to keep record of all items in store .
  • Assistant is there to make record of items being required .
  • Officer is there to make an entry in stock file.

Job Skills

Following are job skills.

  • Must be professional in their related field.
  • Must be highly skilled in wooden work, steel work and security.
  • Must be energetic
  • He/she has the ability to make changes when required during training.

Professional Skills

  • Professionally Cool Minded
  • Work under pressure
  • Communication is good
  • Fluency in English

How to Apply 

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