Canada Indeed Jobs 2023
Canada Jobs

Canada Indeed Jobs-2023

Canada Indeed Jobs-2023


Canada Indeed jobs are open for different nationalities across Canada. These jobs are advertise in many newspaper and social media across the country. These Jobs are open in labor, Office related jobs, engineering sector, sales, marketing, and other

Canada Indeed Jobs 2023

Number of Post                                    700

Job Location                                        Canada

Job Industry                                         Different Categories

Job Type                                              Full/Shifts

Salary                                                   $ 5,000

Rate per hour                                       $50 per hour

Benefits                                                Salary + Provident Fund

Visa                                                       Provided by Company

Job Positions

Following are job positions.

  1. Sales
  2. Engineering
  3. General Labor
  4. Reception
  5. Security Officer
  6. Human Resource Manager
  7. Web Developers
  8. welder
  9. Driver
  10. Reception

Job Description

Canada Indeed jobs has following job descriptions.

  • Area of sales where sales officer have a clear plan how to attract clients and sell their products.
  • Sales officer are mainly responsible to find out ways and area to increase their sales.
  • Sales manager are responsible to have receive phone calls, receive orders , follow the instructions.

Security Officer

Security Jobs

  • Security Officer are responsible to secure the premises of businesses.
  • Security officer may check in and out of vehicles with in the area and keep record of that .
  • Officer may keep the records of incoming and outgoing and present them to management for future course of action.
  • Officer keep informing their seniors about what is happening in the area.

Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager Jobs

  • Human resource manager responsible for appointing a suitable staff for business.
  • Manager is responsible for selecting a resource who is well educated and well experienced in their field.
  • Manager are responsible to have a clear view which staff is good for their organization.
  • He may select them by taken exams, interviews and other related questionnaires.
  • Manger is to appoint a good source from market.


Engineer Jobs

  • Engineer are mainly deals with solving technical problems.
  • Engineers are responsible for developing new product for companies.
  • It has the ability to design new machines , new products , their maintenance.
  • It has the ability to make such products to enhance company profitability.

General Labor

Labor jobs

  • Labor perform specialised tasks which are given on the job training.
  • They have the ability to to moves material , items from one place to another.
  • Have ability to secure the place and make changes with their labor skills.
  • Must know to instal high machines for company , factory.
  • Ability to build road and arrangement for materials.
  • Must keep up to date latest equipment of using latest machinery for labourer.

Web Developers

Web Developer Jobs

  • Web developers jobs are open for all nationalities.
  • Web developers are the main source of developing new techniques.
  • Ability to do programming to make changes while viewing.
  • Officer has ability to have secure the high data in simple programming languages.
  • Web developer is responsible to manage short programming for small businesses and also make coding.

Driver Jobs

  • Driver are needed in Canada to run the heavy vehicles.
  • Any one who hold LTV driving license will have to take part in job.
  • Responsible to transport passenger from one place to another.
  • Driver responsible to safely transport cargo to its destination.
  • To check vehicle maintenance check on regular basis.
  • Mostly work at night and weekends depend on schedule.
  • Responsible to update monthly average mileage.
  • To have well organise travel schedule.


Welder Jobs

  • Welder job is to make metal products.
  • Welder is responsible to repair metal by given them heat.
  • Welder is making repair work by heating and then shape that metal for making items.
  • Welder also check some other metal material like aluminium and make some items by made changes in their shape.
  • He also repair the old meta item with addition to new one and to make materials for public.
  • He has the ability to inspect the item surface and smooth them for suitable finish.
  • Study and inspect the project and are changes when required.
  • Knows the material, item dimensions.


Reception Jobs
Reception Jobs
  • She/he to greet client and and visitors with a positive gesture.
  • Must to announce clients when needed for help him/her.
  • Responsible to receive incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Responsible to keep record of guests for record maintenance.
  • To make bills for new as well as old clients.
  • Ability to correspond with companies to take out their expenses bills from companies.

How to Apply 

Anyone from any country can apply to above mentions jobs . They must go to official site and make an account by register . Uploading their credentials. or simply visit below mention link for uploading resume.

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