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School Nurse for Dubai

School Nurse for Dubai


School Nurse are currently required for a qualified School in Dubai who would be responsible for the health, hygiene and student well being  and also school staff ,with special compliance of UAE ministry of health and regulations. she must be well informed about hospitality and caring kids as well as adults, teenagers and staff


School Nurse
School Nurse

Job Position

The School Nurse is a top post within any school in order to ensure a complete care to the students and also keep  maintenance of a healthy school environment.

Job Role

Role consists of helping the School Doctor in the physical/medical examination of students, the first aid and emergency care, the prevention and control of communicable diseases and the maintenance of all records and reports pertaining to school and staff.

Nurse Qualification

School Nurse-Hospitality has General Nursing Certificate is essential for recognized and approved BSc Nursing . and that would be for the period of not less than  3 years.

Job License

A valid DHA and or MOH License will be required . Current, up-to-date knowledge of worldwide medical and healthcare practices

Job Skills

Candidate must be fluent in  English language skills including reading, writing, speaking and listening. Positive interpersonal and communication skills.

Calm under pressure

School Nurse must have ability to remain calm in cases of emergency and cope with a degree of pressure at peak times. A logical and relaxed individual able to interact with a variety of people from different backgrounds and culture

Job Experience

Experience must not be less than 02 years.

Employment type                   Full

Salary Range                        Negotiable

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