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Vacancies for Farm Workers-Canada

Vacancies for Farm Workers-Canada

Vacancies for Farm Workers-Canada  are offered by different companies in Canada.  Any nationals can apply for these vacancies. preference will be given to those who have some experience.  it is therefore requested to upload latest educational as well as other relevant documents to

Farm Worker Canada

Number of Posts                                 175

Employment Type                                Full Type

Location of Job                                   Canada

Job Industry                                        General Labor

Apply                                                  Online Apply

Rate per Hour                                     $ 17

Salary                                                  $ 3,000 per month

Job Schedule                                     Shifts

Other Benefits                                    Free Medical

Insurance                                           On  Company Payroll

Leave                                                 Maximum 45 days in 1 year

Air Ticket                                           01 time Return Air Ticket

Job Positions 

Farm workers Canada has following vacancies.

  1. Farm workers
  2. Manager
  3. Factory Workers
  4. Fruit Packing Workers
  5. Production Workers
  6. Cook
  7. Chef
  8. office Attendant
  9. Reception
  10. Data Entry
Farm Worker Canada
Farm Worker Canada


  • Manager is responsible about his team performance.
  • In Contact with clients for new additions.
  • To find areas that needs improvement .
  • Assign daily target .
  • In contact with team members for any changes in daily routine/work if any.

Role of Workers

Farm workers has following role.

  • Worker can be responsible for his/her own target assign to them.
  • Work hard during shifts.
  • Workers are responsible to collect items from one place and transport them to packing areas for packing.
  • Workers will be given all possible food during duty while break.
  • Picking vegetables from one place and forward them to another.
  • Workers must be wear company uniforms in order to identify them during duty time.
Production Worker 
  • Workers involved in production area are responsible for quality vegetable to transport to market.
  • Quality vegetables must be shifted to super market.
  • Any bad vegetables / item should be immediately withdrawn.
  • Production workers may check item quality at regular interval of time.


  • Cook is responsible to prepare and check food.
  • Chef is there to instruct the staff to cook food for workers on time.
  • Regularly check the food taste for any changes.
  • He/She must wear chef uniforms .
  • Chef is there to check food items in store on regular basis.
Office Attendant
  • Office attendant is there to check daily routine office work.
  • Keep the farm workers record up to date .
  • Maintain workers file ad their job description up to date.
  • To keep record of old as well as new workers in company.
  • Pick up the new and old record when needed by supervisor.


  • To pick regular phone calls from clients and instruct manager to do so.
  • To keep the phone call records up to date.
  • Prepare expenses and take out company expenses from clients.
  • Keep record of meeting with clients.
  • Schedule meeting with super mall managers for their vegetable demands.
  • Distribute meeting schedule/minutes to concerned lower staff for actions.
Data Entry

Farm Workers have following points.

  • Data entry operator is there to input company data in computer .
  • To input all fresh data in to computer on daily basis .
  • To retrieve data for seniors while have a meeting.
  • To keep the data confidential.
  • To keep there data from staff members for any mishaps.


  • Minimum 01 years of experience
  • Must understand English.
  • Have knowledge of production.
  • Know about farming .




  • Visa will be provider by company

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