Labor for Saudi Arab
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Urgently Required Labor for Saudi Arab-2023

Urgently Required Labor for Saudi Arab-2023


Urgently required Labor for Saudi Arabia for super store at Jeddah City. These include labor from deferent nationalities. These labor were be posted in different city at Saudi Arabia for couple of super store. here

Labor for Saudi Arab
Labor for Saudi Arab

Number of Posts                                         120

Job Location                                               Different cities in Saudi Arab

Employment Type                                       Full Time

Experience                                                  Minimum 01 year of Experience

Qualification                                                Intermediate, Metric, bachelor

Job Categories                                           Labor/Office/management

Salary                                                         SR- 3,000 to 6,000

Other Benefits                                            Gratuity for Staff

Visa                                                            By Company

Leave (Holidays)                                         40 annual leave

Job Positions

Following are job Positions .

  1. Labor
  2. Office Assistant
  3. Welder
  4. Carpenter
  5. Accountant

Labor for Saudi Arab

Job Descriptions 

Labor required have following are job description.

  • Labor is responsible to do labor work at store.
  • Labor has to look after the assign task whether to clean , or see the overall construction work at store.
  • He is responsible to have clear position on labor work .
  • Labor perform its duty as assign to them by seniors.

Office Assistant 

  • Office Assistant is there to look after the official work.
  • Responsible to take phone calls and corresponding with clients.
  • He/she responsible to take note of schedule meeting and keep minutes of meeting.
  • Must be able to distribute meeting record with staff levels for actions.


  • Welder is the key man to fixed steel items at store.
  • He is responsible to repair steel work if there is any .
  • Make and plan steel designs and make them shape as per designs.
  • He must be very highly skilled while using, repairing , cutting the steel.


  • Carpenter is the back bone of designs made up of wood.
  • Carpenter is usually making designs made up of wood and give a final touch while finishing.
  • He is responsible to cut and made such wooden frames that attract the overall shape of super store, office or hall.


  • An accountant is there to oversee the whole financial affairs of store
  • He may be responsible to see daily transactions at cash counter .
  • He must be vigilant and confident while dealing with cash counter and balance the whole day transaction with vouchers.
  • he can keep record of all sell items and inform seniors accordingly.

How to Apply 

In order to apply for job . candidate first make an account to register himself . by uploading educational as well as experience letter from any company .

click here to apply for account 

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