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Hiring for Helper Jobs-UK

Hiring for Helper Jobs-UK


Hiring for Helper jobs advertise at UK schools and Colleges. away national can apply to these jobs by fulfilling all educational and relevant experience on company website. These jobs are open for any nationals. Any candidate that seek job can simply go and make an account. These are plenty of posts . most of them are helpers along with teachers, assistant, customer services, Driver, Passenger and many

Helper Jobs

Number of Posts                                  80

Employment Type                                Full

Job Location                                       Across UK

Remote Job                                        Depend on Company Criteria

Job Industry                                        Multiple fields

Salary                                                  Depend on Experience

Rate per Hour                                     $22 Per Hour

Qualification                                       O Level,A Level, Middle, Bachelor , Masters

Other Benefits                                    Insurance provided

Probation Period                                03 Months probation

Accommodation                                 On Individual

Other Benefits                                    Air Ticket (1 time)

Annual Leave                                     28 days

Job Positions

Helper jobs have below Positions.

  1. Helper
  2. Teacher
  3. Kitchen Helper
  4. Religious Teacher
  5. Seasonal Driver Helper
  6. Passenger Service
  7. Children Activity Support


Helper jobs have following details.

  • Provide help to families along with couple of services.
  • To provide help in kitchen like cooking.
  • Assist family who had elder people.
  • Ability to assist child care service at home.


  • To develop plans as per school policy instructions.
  • To implement school/college curriculum policy.
  • To educate students about education program.
  • To create content that aware students with latest techniques.
  • Maintain classroom decorum.

Kitchen Helper 

  • Clean kitchen items regularly and also sanitise it.
  • Prepare food for family, school staff and individual.
  • To receive product and store in kitchen.
  • Must understand kitchen at very best and in presentable forms.
  • Know about food storage in kitchen when in excess.
Religious Teacher
  • In search of material that beneficial to student in areas of religion.
  • Discussion on modernism .
  • Have discuss religious issue with modern techniques.
  • Give them homework.
  • Assign student to prepare for test.
  • Grade student after exams.

Seasonal Driver Helper

  • Drive students from one place to another to dispose off.
  • Follow driving safety and security policy.
  • To check vehicle condition regularly.
  • To check lube oil, other related items carefully before drive.
  • Also perform other duties if assign to them.
Passenger Service
  • Assist passenger with self service options.
  • In contact with passenger to check the fault or attendant.
  • Check passenger entry in and out of school/ college.
  • Inform them to always check their luggage.
  • Avoid maximum luggage while being on school bus.

Children activity Support 

  • Instruct in schools student to play in groups rather individual.
  • Perform different activity at school while having time.
  • Pick up the issue and collect equipment.
  • Support student with their mental and physical activity.
  • To make it possible to take proper medication while in school/college.
  • Do home work and other things that are about to do while in a home.
  • Do shopping and laundry.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Soft spoken and smily face.
  • Interpersonal skills
  • In contact with staff members for new updates


minimum 01 Year of experience

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